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  • Permafrost


    Permafrost In Permafrost, I was doing AI programming, but I also made the camera movements and how the camera works for the player. I also added on my off time so that we have support for multiplayer within our engine. Another thing was that I worked closely with the technical artist to make some new…

  • Spite: Crowstorm

    Spite: Crowstorm

    Spite: Crowstorm Since my group before had to split up I got assignend to this group. I was mostly doing stuff on the side like getting in the the decal for when clicking on the ground. As shown in the gif. Most of my time also did go to fixing navmesh problems since when we…

  • Feaded


    Feaded In this project, I was making different shaders in the beginning, but then we decided not to use them. I also worked on all the sounds that are in the game and also sat on the UI for the game. Most of my time went into making the UI for it, and I didn’t…

  • Enclosed


    Enclosed In the workings of Enclosed I got tasked with Setting up our collision system, I also got tasked with making the enemies. I got some problem when setting up the collision system so I gave it away to another teammate and I got assigned to make the enemies the whole project. I got them…

  • Divinator


    Divinator My contribution was to make every in game menu in the game. I made a editor so you could easily just edit the UI on the fly and you could save it and the game would load the layout of it. I didn’t like how the UI was me at least in the way…

  • Exorpizzt


    Exorpizzt In this project I worked on the moving platform with help of Zoe Thysell I got a working editor for the platforms and you was able to edit the path in Unity and see a trail where the platform would go. When you activate a switch you the platform would start to move to…

  • Late For Work

    Late For Work

    Late For Work In this project I was more all over the place. I helped making the character be able to run and turn around corners. I also did when you finish a level you walk into the office building and show the score. Speaking of Score I also did the score system for the…