Hi, My name is Simon. I am a 21 year old student currently enrolled at The Game Assembly.

My interests in Programming are Gameplay, Network Programming and Tools Programming.

My interests since I was a kid was staying up all night playing video games and when I grew older made me think why don’t I make video games myself? So when I started my school year at LBS made me learn C# and Unity while on my free time I found the Library for C# called Lidgren. On one summer I sat down infront of the computer just to make a testing networking game made in monogame.

The Game I was making got the name Endorblast. I sat most day working on this project. Allthough I didn’t get long into the process but I got a prototype working and even had a online networking test for a small community.

Here shows that my prototype was working with multiplayer and displays the emote system I made for Endorblast also the 2 players on display are 2 different client connected to a modified monogame I had to make so that I could run monogame without a having a display window and just a console window.

My goal is to create a fast and easy to use networking library in C++. Why I wanted to create a networking library was because I wanna make a game with networking and I dont wanna rely on a 3rd party network solution and make my own.

I also love our Family dog called Buddy.